Weddings in Castles

Medieval Castle Marriage Ceremonies

A medieval wedding day would be a celebration for the entire village. Minstrels, jugglers and other entertainers would entertain throngs of well-wishers. The celebratory spirit would infect everyone in the manor---the castle lord may have even freed prisoners on this day. Any leftover food would soon be packed away by beggars who would gather at the gates.

The Middle Age feudal system meant that wedding celebrations in a castle fairly common. The Catholic Church often allowed ceremonies to take place outside the confines of church walls, just as long as the couple later had a priest bless the union.

Many medieval wedding ceremonies were held in the open air, but the couple were then required to go to the Church door to have clergy bless the union before the wedding party returned to the castle for a marriage feast. Rings or other precious tokens were exchanged between the bride and groom, and each would say their vows. As the wedding party traveled through the streets on the way to castle, villagers showered the couple with grains of wheat or other seeds to wish them a large family in the future.