Weddings in Castles

Few images equal the wonder of a fairy-tale wedding in a medieval castle. A princess wearing her finest blue garments…a noble knight in his shiniest armor…the lord and his lady presiding from a table of honor…and the entire village attending to witness the glorious event. Medieval weddings in castles included these scenes, but they were much more complex. Marriage in the Middle Ages meant sharing a lord's property or a noble name.

Love wasn't often an issue when it came to medieval marriages, but it did occur. Quite often the most important goal of marriage among nobles was continued success and the further acquisition of wealth. Arranged marriages within the noble class would be decided when the future couple was very young-often when the bride and groom were only 10 or 11 years old. Many of these future spouses would not meet for five to six years, on their wedding day.

Marriages may have taken place elsewhere, such as a church or in a peaceful garden, but the wedding party would return to the castle to feast and celebrate for hours-even days.