Welsh Castles

The Norman barons who conquered Wales may have been a small group of men, their impact on the Welsh countryside is undeniable. This invading warrior race had already practiced battle techniques against English armies and then brought these tactics to the western part of the island.

Edward I was responsible for much of the castle construction in Wales. His plan was to repair and rebuild castles where possible and erect more scientifically designed and more carefully located castles in new sites.

Wales was home to the famous "Iron Ring" of defensive castles. These medieval strongholds were so well constructed that even Cromwell's attempts to destroy royal fortresses were ineffective. Gunpowder and artillery were not enough o bring down many Welsh castle walls.

Castles were a vital part of Welsh protection, even as late as the 1400s, during the Wars of the Roses. The most impressive and powerful of these medieval strongholds were those built by the Anglo-Norman lords and the castles still keep their names, such as Caerphilly, Cardiff, Chepstow, and Kidwelly.